About Us
In Khmer “nham” means “eat”- an expression used by hosts to urge their guests to begin their meal. Our goal is to bring your favorite food, bakery and drink from your favorite restaurants, bakeries and cafés right to your door step. It doesn’t matter if you’re at home, office or school, our professional delivery team will get there on time while your food and bakery is still warm and your drink is still hot.

Now you can choose from hundreds of menu items. From Khmer to Japanese to Italian and to Indian. And from fast food to seafood. We serve you all from 8am to 9pm.

Our Features
Only top of its kind: we don’t clutter our listing with thousands of restaurants and we only list just hundreds of the best one in town.

Same restaurant’s price guarantee: the price you buy through our site is exactly the same as the price you pay at the restaurants. We only charge you a very small fee for delivery services.

Order methods: great experiences ordering with our gorgeous mobile app and website. If you prefer you can order through phone call to our customer service – Tel: 011/015/070 642 624

Delivery options: you can order for delivery to your place or for pickup at the restaurants by yourself. You can also make pre-order for when you want it.

Cash on delivery: you pay when you get the food.

Save previous orders history: we will save all your orders and addresses so that you can repeat any order with just one click.

Dedicated customer service: your satisfaction is our top priority and we have customer service center waiting to assist you any time. You can reach them by pone call or live chat.


We are here to make your life so much easy!!
Now you don’t have to remember so many phone numbers nor you have to keep stacks of menu of different restaurants, bakeries and cafés with you all the time. You can check menus of all the famous restaurants, bakeries and cafés at one place and just have to order in-app or online or call to 011/015/070 6426 24.

No more pain in telling the address and landmark every single time you place an order.

You can book a table or booking for a party can be done with just one click. doesn’t charge any extra amount. There are No hidden fees and no processing fees. Nor the prices of menu will be higher. You have to pay the exact amount which is charged by the restaurant for your meal.

How it works

Just 3 Simple Steps

Choose your delivery LOCATION

Select your favorite RESTAURANT

Select your favorite DISHES